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HCI Services & Testing Capabilities

HCI Testing FacilitiesHCI offers design support, manufacture and repair of composite and aluminum components, sub-assemblies and assemblies for military and commercial aircraft.

Accompanied by the latest quality systems and exceptional on-time delivery record, our services comply with each customerís requirements. HCI has the facility and expertise in Mechanical, Non-Destructive, Ultrasonic, and Corrosive testing, to name a few of the in-house testing functions performed.

In house Testing Capabilities

(Not Limited To Tests Listed Below)



Short Beam Shear

ASTM D2344

Sandwich Construction By Long Beam Shear


Tensile Properties Of Polymer Matrix Composites

ASTM D 3039

Open Hole Tensile Strength

ASTM D 5766

Open Hole Compressive Strength

ASTM D 6484

Bearing Response Of Polymer Matrix Composites

ASTM D 5961

Compressive Properties Of Rigid Plastics

ASTM D 695

Flexural Properties Of Plastics

ASTM D 790

Barcol Hardness

ASTM D 2583

Ignition Loss Of Cured Reinforced Resins

ASTM D 2584

In-Plane Shear Response Of Polymer Matrix Composites

ASTM D 3518

Constituent Content Of Composite Materials

ASTM D 3171

Flatwise Tensile Strength

ASTM C 297

Climbing Drum Peel For Adhesives

ASTM D 1781

Apparent Shear Strength (Metal To Metal)

ASTM D 1002

Tensile Properties Of Plastics

ASTM D 638

Tg Testing 209-947-299

Method 509

Lap Shear Testing 299-947-399

Method 300

Acid Testing 299-947-299

Method 520

Resin Content (Uncured) 299-947-399

Method 205

Percentage Of Flow 299-947-399

Method 200

Sandwich Flexure Test 299-947-399

Method 314

Volitile Content 299-947-299

Method 500

Gel Time Testing 299-947-299

Method 503

Double Lap Shear 299-947-399

Method 305

Salt Fog Corrosion Testing Environmental Chamber


Outsourced Testing Capabilities

Ultra Sonic Inspection