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HCI Capabilities

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Harris Composites, Inc. focuses primarily on aerospace composite bonding.  The work scope currently is manufacturing to customers’ drawings and specifications, as well as repairing per FAA guidelines.

Common Material Systems used at HCI include:

BMI, modified epoxy, phenolic adhesives, carbon materials, Kevlar, fiberglass, bonded cores, Nomex honeycomb, foam urethane and aluminum.

Some of the types of manufacturing and repair currently and previously done are interior and exterior bonded panels, interior ducts, radomes, access doors for the 777 aircraft, floor panels, ceiling and partition panels, recon pods for the F-16, wing panels for the C-130, C-26 parts and life raft pods. Secondary bonding includes setting inserts, adding aluminum extrusions, edge fill, panels and brackets, etc.

Harris Composites, Inc. performs sub-assembly and final assembly which includes providing all chemical processes, chemical film, passivation, cad plating, anodize and phosphoric acid etching.

In the assembly processes, HCI performs setting most types of rivets, installing fasteners, and nut plates.

Common Coatings provided by HCI include:

Bead ducts, conductive coating, erosion coating, anti-static coating, epoxy paint and urethane paint.

We provide aircraft tooling as needed, which includes lay-up molds, bond molds, apply fixtures, router fixtures assembly jig fixtures as well as drill fixtures.

HCI Capabilities List:

Composite Manufacturing

  • Interior And Exterior Bonded Panels
  • Interior Ducts
  • Radomes
  • Access Doors
  • Floor Boards
  • Ceiling And Partition Panels
  • Recon Pods
  • Supports

Material Systems

  • BMI (Bismaleimide)
  • Modified Epoxy
  • Phenolic Adhesives
  • Carbon, Kevlar
  • Fiberglass
  • Bonded Cores
  • Honeycomb, Nomex
  • Aluminum
  • Foam Urethane

Secondary Bond

  • Inserts
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Edge Fill
  • Doublers
  • Brackets
  • Gaskets

Backing Structures

  • High Temp
  • Room Temp
  • Honeycomb
  • Flatstock
  • Channels


  • All Chemical Processes
  • Chem Film
  • Passivation
  • Cad Plating
  • Anodize
  • Phosphoric Acid Etch

Set All Types

  • Rivets
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Monel

Install All Types

  • Fasteners
  • Nut Plates


  • Conductive Coating
  • Erosion Coating
  • Anti-Static Coating
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Urethane Paint